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Prosperity Counseling & Wellness offers two different avenues of counseling, individual and group. You can participate in both or just one, however if you decide to pursue group counseling, we do require an initial individual session to gather some basic information.

Individual counseling is best for clients who wish to go more in-depth or who would feel more secure sharing in a private space.

Group counseling is best who feel they would benefit from the support of peers who have overcome similar issues to what you are experiencing. Group counseling is also a more affordable option for those who don't wish to make the commitment of individual counseling.

Having grown out of private, insurance based treatment centers, Prosperity Counseling & Wellness believes in the type of simplicity and efficiency that larger providers really can't offer. Whether it's our website or our practice, you will see these values reflected in everything we do. 


Our Mission

To break down the barriers that are keeping you from living the life you want.