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Welcome Home


It all started when...

It became apparent that the mental health field was in need of change. Clients seeking help were faced with mountains of red tape, diagnoses they didn't understand and solutions that weren't practical. 

We seek to change that.

Particularly in addiction counseling you had to choose between local state-funded agencies whose staff are overworked and extravagant treatment centers in California. World-class substance use treatment is available right here in St. Louis. 

At Prosperity Counseling & Wellness, we develop strong connections with our clients and set them on the path to a better life. At Prosperity, we don't expect you to be in therapy for the rest of your life. We want to work with you to find solutions and live the life you deserve. Our motto is Breaking Down Barriers and that's  exactly what we do. Whether you're struggling with self-identity, emotions, marital and family issues, substance use complications or a host of other barriers...

We Want to Help.