In order to offer you the best, most personalized treatment, we are not able to accept insurance. This allows us to keep your treatment as our priority, not whether we get reimbursed or what diagnosis we can label you with. We also believe in transparent, up-front pricing. We are very proud of our services and believe developing rapport starts with honesty. 

Individual Counseling

We offer a flat fee of $100/ per 50-minute session. This allows us to go in-depth, while also giving the clinician an opportunity to organize any pertinent notes at the end of each hour. 

Group Counseling

Group counseling is offered at a flat fee of $50 per person, per 50-minute group session. Oftentimes individuals will continue with group counseling, long after the immediate issues have been addressed in individual counseling. Prosperity also offers discounted rates if you purchase a 6-month ($45/session) or 12-month package ($40/session).